Friday, August 14, 2009

How Sad Is This?

I've been officially eliminated from my own contest.  In my defense, I was so devastated by the loss of 1L Poet on Day #3 that I was unable to post anything funny on Thursday.  And while most of you are thinking ("When did not being funny stop you from posting?"), that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Of course, since I can't win the Grand Prize (a copy of my book), the remaining blawgers will have to go it alone.  See ya!

Yes, I'm teasing!  I'll continue to monitor the contest, post (almost) daily updates, and generally be the annoying S.O.B. that has made me the most sought-after legal personality on the lecture circuit (depending on the meanings of the words "sought-after", "legal", "personality", and "sexual relations with that woman").

In any event, keep it up!  One week down.  Two to go.


Jill Pugh said...

Well crud! Hmmm....seeing as it *is* YOUR contest, and you know, not out of any self interest or anything on my part, maybe you could amend the rules to allow one "bye" day. And, well, you've used yours???

Just a thought.

1L poet said...

lawpsided: Aww.

everyone on the blawg-island: As a farewell to this cool contest I linked two of your blogs in the middle of a poem. The casual reader may not see how they fit, but the poem IS called Sustainability.

Daniel said...

I swear I saw you wearing an immunity idol on Thursday making you exempt.

Business Strategy Consulting said...

There are still a lot of contests you can join. So, I guess it's not the end of the world yet.

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