Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Nail Biter

It's now 10:30 pm on the west coast and all of our remaining blawgs have current posts except for Wags Outside.  Will we lose another contestant after so many days of flawless and fearless blogging?  The anticipation is killing me ...

What's also killing me is that nagging feeling that I'm just not worthy to have put on this contest.  Each of the remaining contestants has blown away any expectation that I ever had when I thought up this silly idea.  As you know, my thought was that a competition would spur me on to blog daily as I had been promising myself for almost a year now.  Well, you guys took that baton and ran with it like Olympic athletes, just without all of the suspicion of steroid usage and gender fraud.

Not only have you all posted daily but some of you are now posting more than once a day.  For example, Tax Girl, has been posting twice a day over the last week, including three posts on Friday.  And by the way, these weren't Twitter-like "Had great pizza for lunch.  Anyone else really like anchovies?" posts.  These were hardcore "If you'd like an aneurism, please try to understand this section of the tax code and how it applies to left-footed Hungarian miners and why the IRS might consider you to be one" posts.

Likewise, the contest seems to have spurred some rivalries (although no one will admit it).  For example, our employment lawyers have each upped the ante in terms of both content and presentation style over the last two weeks.  Apparently, someone is going for the title of "Best Damn Employment Law Blog" period.  The same is true for our techies.  I salute you with words from one of your heroes, Mork from Ork, "Nanu Nanu!"

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to pop some popcorn and spend the next 90 minutes hitting the refresh button on my browser to see if Wags can pull out a squeaker.


Wags Outside said...

Oh, the shame of it all! For a host of reasons, the most significant of them being that I fell asleep in front of the computer after a very long day, I missed the posting deadline.

Kudos to those who remain, and thanks to Sean for setting this up. It was fun and served its purpose of getting me back into the blogging routine.

Looking forward to seeing who will be the last Blawger standing!

Daniel said...

Only two more days to go. Frankly, the pressure is just too much to take. I'm going to need to "Phone a Friend" soon for one of my lifelines.

Jill Pugh said...

First, don't be so sure about the lack of steroids....pretty sure those Connecticut attorneys pop 'em like candy! ;-p (Hey, it is refreshing to have a completely friendly rivalry with someone on the other side! Daniel has been putting up some great posts.)

Second, Sean, do not be so hard on yourself. You may not have blogged every day, but you did increase your frequency and you've done something no other person/threat/promise has done - gotten me to blog every darn weekday! I really appreciate the kick in the pants, and I hope that has some value for you.

Daniel said...

No steroids for me. Just pizza. Lots of it. True story: I ordered a pepperoni pizza last night for me and the kids. Pick up the pizza and bring it home only to discover it's PEPPER pizza. How can a pizza place mess that up? Who orders just a PEPPER pizza?

Actually, I think Jill has an unfair advantage being from Seattle - they sell caffeine as a commodity. Isn't there a Starbucks on every corner out there?

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